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Uday Singh (Co-Founder)

Dynamic Confidence /Communication Coach and Motivational speaker.He is the founder of Aksharayan publication. Uday’s mission is to promote qualitative content and promote new raw authors who believes that long lost Hindi literature still has power to articulate minds of thousands of people. His aim is just not to publish a book but to publish a good quality of content which reach thousands of people. Mr. Uday Singh is a one who has impacted the lives of more than Two lakh individuals with his speeches and consultancy. Leadership, Public speaking, Managerial skills, Business skills, and Life management along with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) are some of the areas he has expertise in. Now, Due to his interest in Hindi literature, he founded the way to promote Hindi literature in the form of Aksharayan Publication. A visionary, he believes that every individual has potential which can lead him towards the summit, and with this, he has trained people and coached them to ensure that they achieve excellent output and experience the power of unlocked potential and he wants to use the same skills to train and motivate young writers to work in the path of excellence.

Anugoonj (Anamika) (Co- Founder)

Writer, Blogger, Well known RJ and announcer in आकाशवाणी. She is Co-Founder at Aksharayan Publication. She has 8 years of experience in writing. She has ability to write and express in a well-versed manner that her thought will reach to thousands of people and her vision will get recognized and accepted by people who are interested in Hindi literature. She gave the vision of promote long lost Hindi traditional literature with new talent and to make sure people know value of Hindi literature worldwide to Akasharayan publication. She is also a public speaker; her motivation is to provide girls freedom and right to express themselves. She is a very independent woman and acts as an inspiration for many other girls. She is very ambitious and passionate about her thoughts and work. Her vision for Hindi literature is because she is connected to Hindi literature from last 10 years. She is a team leader and lead the whole team to work in most optimistic and efficient way. A passionate writer, Miss Anugoonj has also inspired various individuals through his words in the forms of articles and blogs that have been published. She wants to create a blueprint using Hindi Literature for happiness, success, and excellence for today’s generation young author.

Itika Kumawat (Creative and Graphic Designer)

A Professional graphic designer, freelancer, artist and computer Specialist. She works as Designing expert at Aksharayan Publications. She has 7 years of experience in working as advertising designer and photographer. She believes professional design makes your business more attractive. That’s why she works with all the designing techniques to create a visual concept that certainly is the communication with consumers, clients, sponsors etc. Her strength is her imagination and her strength is her creativity which makes her an important member at Aksharayan Publication. Her belief is to present information in a way that is both accessible and memorable.

Shaifali Tewani (Digital media Marketer)

Experienced Digital Marketer with a demonstrated history of working in the Health, Sound Healing, Education, Architecture & planning industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Content Writing, Social Media, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Website Building. Strong marketing professional with a Master of Business Administration. Founder of Digital Marketing firm (Digi Point). She works as a Digital media marketer at Aksharayan Publications. She uses measurable analytics to identify weaknesses and find ways to improve performance across social media channels for Akasharayan Publications. She sees constant change and implies a forward-thinking mind.

Kshitij Sharma (Operational Manager)

Marketing and Designing Consultant. He is just 22-year-old entrepreneur. His core skills are process optimization, web design, and marketing. His business administration background means he always Keeps eye on ROI and CPA, all while being able to come up with creative solutions. He is very passionate about business and ideas to grow business more. His creative give aksharayan publication a vision of young India and as well as how a new approach can take hindi literature to millions of people. As an operational professional, he enjoys ensuring that things run smoothly and creates operation strategy to keep his client on-track.