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About Us

Aksharayan publication is a publication which provides new author a platform to work and improve themselves. There are many services which we provide to create aninteresting learning environment for new as well as well-known authors.

We inspire better productivity and make sure their outcome reaches out to massesmore efficiently and effectively. Aksharayan publication has a new approach which is named as “GOONZ” which promotes new authors, new artist in a better way via different platform and different services.

Our key objective is to make a new wave of Hindi literature which is lost in Noise of new trends that is why we named it “GOONZ”. we also focus on providing biographies and auto biographies of long-lost authors and artist.

Why should others choose us?

We have more choices for Book lover/Book readers, as a Leading Book Publication House, we publish Books in all format as Hardcover, Paperback and eBooks (Digital Books).

Publication house also publishing Biography/autobiography books, Essay  books, Journalism books– reporting on news and current events, Memoir  – factual story that focuses on a significant relationship between the writer and a person, place, or object; reads like a short novel, Narrative nonfiction/personal narrative, Reference books  – such as a dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopaedia, almanac, or atlas, Self-help book  – information with the intention of instructing readers on solving personal problems, Speech  – public address or discourse, Textbook  – authoritative and detailed factual description of a topic. Literary fiction books etc.

It was established in 2021 with the head office situated in Jaipur. the Founders are Miss Anamika “Anugoonj” and Mr. Uday Singh.

Why should others choose us?

As we not only work as publication house, but we are also a support system for authors, All articles are carefully curated, edited and prepared according to the high standards. We make sure that journey becomes amazing, and they become a part of our journey as well. we support, consult, and find a solution to every query regarding Hindi literature, also we are always expanding to provide more quality content for professionals working onHindi literature. As many publications just focus on publishing content, we make sure that the content is qualitative, authentic, organized, and interesting. All we care about is quality content. We never wanted to be a big publishing business, Our team is small, but it’s a truly amazingbunch of people who really care about what they do. Passionate and dedicated.

  • Fair Trade: We faithfully adhere to the principle of fair trade. All authors, artists and poets are provided a platform to share their thoughts worldwide with all the copyrights and support they deserve. we have the policy of fair trade.These guidelines are continually revised and updated to ensure that the quality of the published content is never compromised.
  • Vision:To Emphasize the importance of Popular Culture, promote film and theatre, conduct concerts and events for poets and writers. Vision behind this is to promote long lost Hindi traditional literature with new talent and to make Hindi literatureappreciated worldwide.
  • Mission:To make Incredible India’s eminent literature and spiritual depth of literature accessible to all. To bring together people who love Hindi literature.
  • Values:

– Infuse the joy of reading everywhere, anywhere and for everyone.
– Create a safe and vibrant space that inspires creativity, encourages learning, and sparks innovation.

– Celebrate diversity across all dimensions of our work.

– Promote an ethical, transparent, and accountable culture that upholds our mission and the dignity of all our work.

– Promote empathy across all reader and inspire them to become changemakers.